Sooooo Tired

Yesterday was a good day, but a bit rough on the body. The schedule?
6:00a Wake up. Give dean a bottle, get dressed, pack tools, lunches and such.
7:15a Out the door, drop TBWITWW off at work
8:30a Drop Dean off at day care
9:00a Park the car at the train station and take the train downtown
10:00a Work at the MCA. The good kind, not so hard as to be exhausting, but hard enough that you don't feel like you're wasting time.
8:00p Head north for Wine and Pie, Pie and Wine with Katrina
9:00p Arrive at the party
2:00a Head for home
3:00a Back in bed.

I'm too old for this. But it was fun even though I'm moving a bit slow today.

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