February Challenges

For February my Major Challenge will be to organize two of our "collections". Our CDs and our recipies. We have about 400 CD's at last count, and a 3 binders full of recipies.
I'd like to pare down the CDs somewhat, and switch from the jewel cases to keeping them in binders. I also want to make sure they're all ripped to the computer and those files are organized sensibly.
The recipies need to be sorted (especially the ones we've just torn from magazines) and a system for marking which ones we've tried and such would be good. This part will definitely be a team project.

It's going to cost a little bit of money to accomplish this. We'll need dividers and page protectors for the recipies as well as folders for the CD's

My minor goal is to increase traffic to this site here. I'll document what I'm doing to actually accomplish that.

My Charity for this month is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I'll be donating (assuming I succeed) through my mother who is participating in their "Team in Training" program.

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