Eating Out

My wife got a raise. Sweet...
So we went out to dinner tonight in celebration. At the restraunt there was a group of people at a nearby table. One of the ladies at that table was significantly overweight. Normally, this would not bear mentioning, but apparently she ordered a pizza for dinner. A 14 inch, thin-crust, cheese pizza... for herself. But the worst part is, the waiter didn't even give her a plate. Whether this was her request or not, it just seemed amazingly tacky for her to have this big old pizza pan sitting in front of her while she munched away. Mind you, we ate a lot ourselves; possibly more than she did but it just looked bad. Either the waiter was bad or the woman just had no self-respect left. Crazy.
Plus we almost got T-boned on the way home. Guy pulled out of a parking lot and almost straight into the side of our car... which would've sucked big time for me, being in the passenger seat. But it didn't, so it's all good.

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