A Linux Convention for our Anniversary

TBWITWW and I are rapidly approaching our 5th anniversary. It's been a heck of a long 5 years, but lucky for me she's still hot. (Okay, she is, but all of the things that are actually more important are being saved for an acutal mushy, sickeningly sweet sort of post a few weeks from now.) (And, she's totally hot.) Anyway, we decided quite some time ago, that with the credit cards paid off, and our finances in better shape than they've ever been, we would actually go on a trip for our anniversary. The question of where to go was a bit harder to decide on. We're not the resort type.

When Skippy and Chris J Davis suggested that I should try to come to Ohio Linux Fest I looked at the dates and said "I somehow doubt that TBWITWW is going to want to go to a Linux convention on the day after our anniversary." But I had forgotten one detail. She is, in fact, TBWITWW.

TBWITWW, SeriouslySeriously. Here she is getting me a beer, the pressure was low, so she decided the thing to do was to squat down on the floor to get the nozzle below the top of the keg. I was just going to wait till it was repressurized.

On with the story... Later that evening, she was looking over my shoulder at the computer and saw, in the IRC window, the converstation. She said "We could probably do that. We can find fun stuff to do in Columbus as easily as anywhere else." So, with my geekyness, and her closet geekyness and desire to meet these people I talk to more frequently than people I've actually met in real life, We're going to OLF.

I'm looking forward to this trip for a lot of reasons. It's first real vacation that we've taken where we're not worried about if the money it's costing is going to hurt us down the road. We'll be able to relax and enjoy ourselves, knowing that when we get back, we won't have bills waiting that we're not sure if we'll be able to pay. It's also a chance to meet some people that I consider friends, but have never been in the same city as. And, as a firm beliver that community is more than a buzz word, but rather the fundamental requirement for civilization, it's a chance to strengthen my ties to a community that's made me feel more accepted than almost any I've seen.

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