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From my brother's page in response to: this:

To me- marriage is a promise to put one person at the top of your list every time. One person comes first no matter what. Complete and total love, adoration, commitment, honor... and commitment- lots of it.

Damn right. I don't think we should be making it more difficult for homosexuals to marry... We should be making it more difficult for anyone to marry. There should be a test or something...

Anyway. Marriage should be harder, Divorce should be much harder (except in the case of abuse, but domestic abuse should carry very heavy sentences.) Seriously though. The primary advantage that a marriage sanctioned by a church has, is that most churches require some sort of counseling before the marriage, I think that should be universal. There are questions that you should know the other person's answer to, or you have no business getting married.

As a seperate issue, I've frequently commented on the fact that I don't think any political party is going to do any better or worse of a job running this country. The whole idea of this Amendment that Bush is putting forth, makes me want to clarify this. While the political parties are for the most part indistinguishable (one wants my money to go to other people one wants it to go to companies) but, some Politicians are clearly unacceptable. When people with very left leaning ideas say things such as:

It comes as no surprise to me that, as part of that strategy, George W. Bush wants to take the Constitution, a document that is supposed to limit government and guarantee freedoms to all Americans, away from millions of our fellow citizens who are homosexual.

While those on the far right say:

It robs us of something no one in this country should be robbed of - equality and inclusion in the founding document itself. When people tell me that, in weighing the political choices, the war on terror should trump the sanctity of the Constitution, my response is therefore a simple one. The sanctity of the Constitution is what we are fighting for.

It tells you something... This is bad. This is Wrong. This is Evil. I don't feel that I can understate this. I now have an opinion for the 2004 election:
Go Here, write to your representative and tell them to oppose this amendment.
Go Here and contact your senators as well.

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