Photo hack Pt2

So, I thought some more today about how I want my photo hack to work, This would be displayed at the top of the content section, before any of the posts and would show up something like this:

Thumbnail B
Thumbnail C Image A
Thumbnail D
Thumbnail E

Each thumbnail and the large image is linked to the original image in my Gallery.

Then, I upload a new Image F (using something like chuckg's WP-Gallery hack)
The script Resizes Image F if it is above set dimensions (400x300?) and creates a thumbnail as well.
Then it updates the page to display:

Thumbnail A
Thumbnail B Image F
Thumbnail C
Thumbnail D

All the better if this also updates my RSS feed as well.

Hmmm... I've got a lot to learn.

I figure once I learn the syntax, the image rearangement shouldn't be that hard something along the lines of:


The hard part I think would be specifying resizing, but I think that can be done directly in Gallery. So we'll see.

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