Theme Rotator Project No 1

I've got this idea you see. It's a great idea, shining away inside my head. It will make this the coolest site I've ever built... and then some.
(and there's always a but...)
I'm not sure if I'm even close to having the skills needed to implement this.
Here's the idea:
I've got my title bar above, with an image (currently SpaceShipOne) Then I've tried to match the site colors to the image, which is pretty easy with CSS. I just open my CSS file in a text editor, do a search and replace for the various colors, and it's done. Easy as pie. However, that leaves my Generated Title Images in the old colors. Lame, so then I either have to ignore the uglyness, or edit that file with the new colors. Then, my category images (which are not generated) are the wrong colors too. So I actually have to replace all of those images, or, again, ignore the ugly. (Any other static, decorative images at this page need fixing too at this point).
Changing colors is turning into quite the project.
But, suppose it was easier... what if I could update the colors for the CSS, the title generator, the categories, and maybe even a few other things by editing one set of variables. Now that would be mega-sweet.
Not satisfied with this project however, I thought to myself... what if, not only was it easy to change the colors, what if it were automatic? So when I change the title bar image, it changes the site colors in a complementary way?
How sweet would that be? That's right ultra-sweet.
So, I'm working on part A... automating color changes. So with one fell swoop I can re-color the whole site. This involves re-writing my title generator a bit, converting my CSS to PHP, and making the category images dynamically generated.
Once that's working right, I'll have to make a few different themes for testing the whole process. Then I'll have to set up a database to match images to themes. Then, grandest of all, I'll have to set up the site to put this all together when you come visit. A new theme every day perhaps? That would be ultra-mega-sweet.
You know it.

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