My Wife is Awesome

Today is her 32nd birthday. (You'd never know by looking at her though.) She's beautiful, funny, smart, tough, powerful, and sexy. (Stop looking at her like that.) We've been through a lot together, and I know that there is no way I'd be half the man I am without her behind me supporting me and kicking me in the ass when I needed it. We've known each other for half of our lives, and neither of us is the same person we were 16 years ago. We've been lucky to grow together, and make it through all the crap we've been through. When I refer to her as "The Best Wife In The Whole World", although I do intend for it to be amusing, I don't think I'm exagerating. (I fully expect that anyone who has a wife of their own may disagree with me, and they should, but they're wrong.)

Nicole, I love you and I'm constantly amazed at how lucky I am that you are my wife.

Happy Birthday!

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