Dad's Poll

From my dad:

John is soliciting input on a monumental and important decision. should I shave off the beard or not? Goatee or all of it?
Yeah, I told you it was important.

The rules are:

  1. Women's votes count more than men's votes do. If this offends you, get over it.
  2. One woman has voted (a while back), and her votes don't count anymore.
  3. Ballot-box stuffing is allowed- I figure if you care enough (or are bored enough) to vote more than once, you deserve to be counted more. Especially because Sean & Nicole are confirmed Chicago folks, they at least need to be able to vote several times
  4. I have the right to reject and declare null and void anyvotes
  5. Long-winded explanations of why you vote the way you do are accepted. They may be ignored, but if they're entertaining enough you might get more votes.
  6. Deadline is when I decide it is.

For reference:
Dad with beard
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