Famous != Knowledgeable

Today, on CNN.com there was an article on Nuclear Power and how bad people are sneakily building Nuclear Power plants in order to kill us all. It has a byline of "By Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Graham Nash & Harvey Wasserman" Now, three of these people are musicians, I own albums featuring two of the three, and respect the third greatly. The fourth author is someone who seems to write about these sorts of issues regularly.

Some quotes:

If these subsidies pass, scores of new radioactive terror targets, thousands of tons of radioactive waste and untold billions in bad debt could haunt us and our children for a long time to come.


But these nuclear industry loan guarantees could make that all but impossible. These "new" reactors are the same as the old ones, with a few bells and whistles, and a proven 50-year track record of catastrophic failure.

Could we see some documentation please? Especially about the "track record of catastrophic failure". To my knowledge, there has been one catastrophic failure at a nuclear power facility... ever. And that was caused by willful negligence, and a reactor design that is not used anywhere now, and has never been in the US.

I'll make a deal with Bonnie Raitt publicly. You promise not to write "scientific" articles, and I won't release any "music". I think that's fair.

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