Nobel Prize for Marketing

Apparently, the Nobel Peace Prize is now given for successfully marketing a movie. Can someone tell me what exactly Al Gore has done to deserve this? Did he solve the "climate change" issue? Did he direct the movie? Did he do the research that proves that the climate changing in ways that can only be attributed to man, and and are therefore preventable via his specific plan? Did he come up with a process or system to make the transition from carbon-based infrastructure economically feasible? Or did he engage in a marketing campaign with the goal of treating scientific theory as holy writ and having a propaganda film be treated as scientific textbook? And now he's on the same level as Einstein?

Seriously. While the habits espoused by the "climate change" fanatics are admirable (reducing energy usage and being a good steward of the environment are both good things) the science is at best debatable. The accuracy of weather data from any time more than 50 years ago is suspect. The recording methods and accuracy of instruments, as well as the size of the sample group is simply not enough to be able to consider the data accurate to less than a few degrees. That, combined with the fact that the data has been recorded for a very short period of time at all (when compared to global climactic patterns) means that, at the very most, a scientist can say "If this data is accurate, there is a suggestion of a pattern." No scientist who actually believes that facts aren't facts if they can't be empirically proven, can say "Significant climate change as a result of human actions is occurring, and will continue to occur." There simply isn't enough data. It's like coming to my apartment and using that sample group to "prove" that all domestic cats weight more than 10 pounds.

Conservation and ecology are important, even vital to the population (human and otherwise) of this planet. That doesn't mean that theory should be treated as fact. And that doesn't mean that marketing will save the world. Fanaticism is bad enough when applied to religion, when applied to science it's worse. The whole concept of faith is belief without proof, but science is supposed to be about the finding of proof. Fanaticism in the realm of science is the opposite of science. But this award will only feed the fanatics.

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