Celebrity Interview 2

Celebrity Interview with someone who's not famous:
So, here’s how it works… I pick someone I know and ask them questions derived from an interview with a celebrity. Today’s interview subject is Skippy of Skippy Dot Net and #wordpress fame.This interview is taken from a BBC Films interview with Brad Pitt. (Brad Pitt was selected as the next interviewee by my brother in the first "Celebrity Interview."

What was the appeal of "Ocean's Eleven" for you?

It holds no appeal for me: I haven't seen the remake nor the original, yet. I'd watch the original before I watch the remake, though.

Does it seem strange to be working in an ensemble, as opposed to being the star of the piece?

absolutely not. I prefer collaboration and teamwork

Is it much different doing this and a film like "Snatch"?

http://www.bbc.co.uk/films/2002/01/31/brad_pitt_oceans_eleven_2002_interview.shtml : you gonna ask me every question on there?
Me: Yup

You seem to be eating in almost every scene, why was that?

*deep sigh* I'm bulemic.

Are films like "Ocean's Eleven" more important now, in the wake of September 11, in offering escapist entertainment that takes audiences away from the grim realities of the real world?

absolutely. Escapism is a necessary component of modern civilized life.

Skippy has selected Patrick Stewart for the next interview.

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