March Finances

We didn't do so hot in March. The biggest reason was we didn't go grocery shopping. We've found, in the past, that when we make grocery lists and menus for the week, and then shop we spend less on groceries, we dine out less, and we throw away fewer leftovers. In March we didn't do this. Our grocery spending increased 31%. For dining out we spent double what we'd budgeted.
That said, we did have a pretty good month financially. We got our tax return, I got a bonus at work, and it was a 3 pay-check month. I'll be paying off my credit card this month, as well as paying off one of the cards that is currently under the credit counseling program. I'll also be transfering a good chunk to the savings account, so the goal of having $0 in credit card debt and $2500 in savings is on track for my birthday (Mid-July).

We've already made our grocery list for this week. We're doing well enough now, that the biggest challenge will be maintaining the level of motivation we had when the idea of having some "fun money" as well as saving and paying down debt was still new.

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