10 years ago

10 years ago I was still at home when the second plane hit. I went to work not knowing what was going on. The train was a quiet as I've ever seen it. Nicole worked in a federal building, and she told me that the security detail there was going into full combat gear when she left. Details filtered in and they closed the store early. The entire city was quiet. There's no way to describe the feel of city of 2 million people who are quiet at the same time. On that day, a few men showed the world the power of hate. But thousands showed that love is stronger. Firemen, police officers, soldiers, marines, and ordinary citizens made the choice to walk into death and destruction for the sake of helping strangers. For a few days we saw that, fundamentally, people are good. As we remember the morning of September 11, 2001, let us also remember what happened in the hours and days afterwards. We saw the worst that men can do that day, but we also saw the best. That is what we must remember and memorialize.

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