5 Years On

There are two dates that are more than simply entries on a calendar to Americans. July 4th and September 11th. Everything about our country is different because of those two dates. They define us and shape us are are inseperable from who we are as Americans. We are a country of individuals who believe that we can be individuals and be unified at the same time. It is that individuality that gives the unity its strength. And like the individuals that make up this country, America has made good choices and bad ones, done things that others admire and that others hate. We, as a people, have done what we thought was best and we have learned that sometimes what we thought was best, really wasn't. We've made desicions that we are proud of and decisions that we regret. In the end though, we are still Americans. The very fact that there is so much controversy, so many arguments, and so much disagreement is what makes us strong. We have the ability to discuss both sides of an issue. Sometimes those discussions become shouting matches, but we're still free to have them.

For a few moments, five years ago, all those voices were silent. For a few moments, someone took our most fundamental trait away from us. For just a moment, the voices that are our freedom, were silenced. But they came back, louder, stronger and more determined than ever. We still disagree, we still fight, we still believe a million different things. And we always will, simply because we can.

Thank a firefighter, thank a police officer, thank an EMT. Hug someone you love. And speak up for what you believe.

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