As Mother's Day winds to a close, I'm sitting here finishing my beer and listening to TBWITWW read Dean his bedtime stories. We spent yesterday at Union Station, looking at trains and seeing some interesting displays. Today we went to the Zoo and then out to dinner. I'm a lucky, lucky man.

Mother's Day is complicated. I know for other people it's even more complicated. Things are a bit less complicated with Dean than they were for the 4 years when Nicole was a mother, but Aiden wasn't with us. There were reminders everywhere, and as much as the celebration of his life was important to us, it could make for awkward moments. Now there's more sweet than bitter.

My relationship with my own mother is also complicated. I know, so is everyone's. There were times when we were very close friends; times when we weren't on speaking terms, and times where we just plain didn't understand each other. Now, as a parent, I understand a little more how hard it is to make choices constantly and hope that they're the right ones and don't screw up your kid too much, and none of us bats 1000.

So, I've got a wife who is a fantastic mother. A mother who I love, and who loves me, and I'm able to see on a regular basis. I've got a mother-in-law who, at worst, tries too hard sometimes (a fantastic "worst" in my book). I've got a step-mother who is fun and who is truly family in every sense too. Both of my grandmothers are still living, and though I don't see them as often as I'd like, I still have them. Most people aren't nearly so lucky.

So thank you to Nicole, Paula, Rhonda, Yvonne, Grandma Evans, Grandma Rickert, Grandma Betty for being the fantastic mothers in my life. And thank you to everyone else who is a mother, biological or not. The women who kiss owies, wipe noses, bandage scrapes, praise homework, wipe away tears and love a child of any age. You are mothers and deserve every ounce of respect and love we can give you.

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