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As I've mentioned here before, we just got a Wii. We're loving the thing so far. So far, at least, it seems like it was worth the money. Yes, it's just a video game, but it's gotten us up off the couch and playing and laughing, which is a good thing.

We decided when we were looking at our Christmas budget that we could either get a few smaller things for each other, or we could get one bigger gift for both of us. Considering we're booth starting to feel like there's a major need to get rid of some of the crap around the house, getting more stuff was just not something that interested us all that much. We'd talked about getting a Wii, and the few times we'd played at friends' houses we had enjoyed it quite a bit. So, the wii seemed like a good gift to give ourselves. We set aside the money in the checking account (I added a transaction in the register in MS Money for $300 and marked it as Wii Placeholder.) That way when we found one, we'd know the money was available and we could buy it without worrying about if we had the $300 available in the account right then. (This is the same way I maintain my "buffer".)

Eventually I signed up at WiiAlerts.com and about two weeks later I got a call on my cell phone telling me there were Wiis available. I got on the website and it linked to Amazon, and 5 minutes later, our Wii was on its way. I then picked up a copy of WiiPlay (mostly for the extra controller) and an extra nunchuck. Setup was easy and connecting to the wireless network was painless, which is nice as I've got mine pretty locked down so everything needs to be done manually.

So far, my favorite is Boxing and I've got the sore shoulders and arms to prove that I get into it. Baseball and golf are fun to play together too. We're looking forward to trying out some other games that we're going to borrow from friends (TBWITWW is particularly interesed in the Trauma Center game and the cooking one... I guess she likes cutting things up and isn't picky about if it's veggies or people.) I would love a Civ type game, but haven't seen one.

Do you have a Wii (or have you played one)? If so, what are your favorite games?

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