I'm Gettin Nothin' for Christmas

Well... not true. I've already gotten some good stuff. The MIL got me two photography lighting books and a subscription to Popular Science. Which is sweet. Also, TBWITWW and I have decided to take the day off. We won't be traveling or cleaning or whatnot today. We're just going to stay in, watch movies, and eat. (Our usual Thanksgiving tradition.)

However, we're not exchanging gifts. We've decided that instead of each of us running around trying to find gifts for each other we're going to get a Wii. We've played one a few times, and enjoyed it greatly. The game play is more intuitive to me (I'm a button masher) and the simplicity of it makes it fun. Also, it seems to be more likely to get us off our butts and moving a bit more, which can't hurt. We decided that rather than drive ourselves crazy looking for one though, we're going to just put the money aside in the account and when we find one, buy it then. It may be a wile before we get it, but that's okay.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and gets the important things. Love, Happiness and Peace.

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