Why Bush is Good for Us

George Bush won. It's time to move on from the election. It's time for the weeping and gnashing of teeth to end. The people have spoken. And if you didn't know that "the people" weren't real bright, you clearly haven't been paying attention. But Bush winning can be a good thing. Those who agree with his policies are more likely to relax, let down their guard a little. And those that fear him will watch him like hawks (or doves as the case may be). People will be fighting every step of the way. If you don't like the fact that Bush won, write to your congressional representatives. Write to them every week. Keep track of what they'll be voting for and let them know how you feel. They only get 2 years before they have to be elected again. They also have far fewer people who have the power to decide their fate, so your portion of that power is much greater. Our system is designed to make it impossible for one person to get out of hand. If you don't like the president use your voice in congress. If your voice in congress isn't listening. Make it very clear to them, that they cannot remain your voice. If Kerry had won, I think too many people would have felt "safe" and the system would go back to being it's own entity, free from the encumberances of all the people who interfere with business as usual. Now perhaps we'll see more people paying attention to what this government of theirs is doing and will excersise their power to direct that government the way our founders intended.
They were not saints, they were not mythical heroes. But they knew that. They knew that people with power quickly lose their connection to those without power. Many of them knew it would happen to them. So they set up a structure that on the outside seems overly complex and difficult. But that complexity is what keeps the power moving, so it cannot settle on one person long enough or hard enough to let them take the power away from the rest.
Use your voice, and remember, winners never quit, quitters never win, losers always whine, winners go home and fuck the prom queen.

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