Triplets of Bellville

Tonight TBWITW and I rented "The Triplets of Bellville" which despite the title, is not really about the triplets at all. The story starts with a woman and her grandchild living together. The grandchild is clearly unhappy. The grandmother gets him a dog, which helps for a while. The train-set she give him only ends up giving the dog (Bruno) a lifelong animosity towards trains. Then she she discovers his scrapbook full of clippings of bicycles. This is the key. Fast forward to when the grandchild his competing in the Tour de France and is abducted and taken to America by the French Mafia. Grandmother gives chase and in America meets the triplets. With their help (and Bruno's) they rescue the grandson and defeat the Mafia.
This is a great story, told in the broad strokes that only animation can make work. The most implausable things make sense, because in the world of the movie they have been established as reality. The animation is interesting and the characters are fun. And, there about 5 lines of dialog in the entire movie. Which doesn't take away from it in the least.
8 of 10

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