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Pirates of the Carribbean
At first I was wary of the concept of a movie based on an amusement park ride, much less a Disney movie based on a Disney amusement park ride. But people said it was a great move, and a lot of fun. Well... this will teach me to listen to other people. It wasn't a bad movie, but then again it wasn't a good movie either. There were a few amusing moments, but over all, I was no more engaged by this movie than by sitcoms; not the good sitcoms, but the ones you watch in the half-hour between when one show you like ends, and another starts.
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Gunpowder Empire by Harry Turtledove
I really enjoy the Alternate History genre, and this series, based on the idea of parallel worlds, is off to an interesting start. Turtledove realizes that war, especially world wars, lead to great leaps in technology, and in a world where the roman empire never fell, and there have only been border skirmishes, the technology hasn't progressed beyond cannons and muskets. In this book a family comes from a slightly futuristic world to trade in this 18th century level Roman empire. Well written and entertaining, but not real deep, I enjoyed this book.
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A Call to Service by John Kerry
They guy wants to be leader of my country. I thought I'd see what he had to say. After reading this 200 page campaign ad, I can honestly say, he hasn't won my vote. The last section of the book, in which he lays out his concept of encouraging service to the country by expanding AmeriCorps and providing incentives for people and companies to do volunteer work and other service activities is great. I'm deeply in favor of that. However, everything before that in the book reads like a campaign speech, in which many things are promised, the current administration is blamed and scorned, and no ideas for actually accomplishing any of the things that Kerry says are needed, are presented.
I'll sum it up for you... George W. Bush: Bad! Clinton: Good! George HW Bush, Ronald Reagan: Okay for Republicans. JFK: Great! Republicans: Bad! Democrats: Good! Nixon: Who?
I still don't have a canidate I want to vote for.
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