To our veterans, and their families.

They have the hardest job in the world. It is physically demanding, emotionally draining, and far too often, doesn't receive the respect it deserves. On top of all that, they run the risk of being killed. Regardless of your politics, and if you agree with the decisions of the leadership. The people who serve in the military deserve all the thanks we are able to give. Both of my grandfathers served, but neither of them spoke of it often. It was not a matter of pride to them, although they were proud men. It was a matter of duty. To give back to the country that gave much to them. During Vietnam, many people lost sight of the fact that the troops on the ground have little say in the right or wrong of the wars they fight, and that the right or wrong is frequently unclear. The soldiers are given a difficult task, and must carry it out to the best of their ability. And for that they deserve our respect. They put themselves in harms way for our sake, and for that I am grateful.

Thank you.

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