Oh... It burns.

Yesterday, while preparing lunch; a complicated process involving a frozen Southwestern Chicken Meal Kit, a bowl with a lid, and a microwave; I managed to give myself a rather nasty steam burn on my thumb. It hurt. A lot. Seriously.
I ran it under cool water for about ten minutes and then iced it for about 2 hours. Still hurt. A lot. I'm not kidding here.
So we went to the drugstore to find some burn cream. What we found instead was Doctor's Choice Advanced Wound Care for Burns, Scalds and Abrasions.
Holy. Freakin. Crap. It's a miracle in a box. There's no drugs, just some sort of magic plastic that made my thumb stop hurting. If you ever give yourself a nasty burn, but not so nasty as to require medical attention, get yourself some of these. Actually get yourself some now so you have them when you do get a burn. Seriously.

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