The scale of politics

TBWITWW and I were discussing government today after one of my comments about "dirty hippies". I mentioned that while I think my ethics match well with the fairly activist, leftist people that populate the areas we frequent, my politics don't. I'm probably most closely matched to libertarians, but really I just don't trust government... at all. My theory is that as soon as an organization of any type gets large enough, that every member is not known personally by every other member, leadership becomes political. Power now has to be surrendered to someone who is an unknown, and by not knowing you personally, is going to have less interest in your well being. I firmly believe that no government can ever be truly be fully benificial to the governed. Does that mean I'm an anarchist? Not by a long shot. There are, and need to be rules for how people interact, and the wider the sphere of interaction, the more of those rules need to codified... unfortunately. In small groups, if you do something that angers another person, you are likely to know immeadiately what you've done and why it has angered them. (Not always true, of course, or there would be no divorce, but that's another issue entirely.)
Is Government necessary? Yes. But to me it is a necessary evil. We must always remember, when government can become a career, the people that the governors know best will become other governors, not the government, and we all protect those we know best first.

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