The Enchanted (Reviewed)

From The Chciago Reader

THE ENCHANTED Simple Theater, at the Athenaeum Theatre. Even in translation (by Maurice Valency), the mercurial language of Jean Giraudoux's 1933 confection delights. ...
Laura Forbes's charming staging is true to Giraudoux's quicksilver creation, seldom spoiling the enchantment. Still, Jen Hines's Isabel could seem a bit more haunted: her healthy curiosity seems to outweigh any drive toward death. Mike Rice brings resilience and welcome sanity to the witty suitor who fights for her life. --Lawrence Bommer

Hey... Not too bad I'd say. Considering the other reviews in The Reader include such phrases as:

...unable to make it all work
Sadly, their fine performances are for naught.
...filled with stiff performances, bad accents, awful timing, and indifferently delivered dialogue
...she really has nothing to contribute.
... the whole affair decays into a bizarrely upbeat show-tune take...

I have to say, in comparison, our review is practically worship. So if you're in the Chicago area and get a chance, come see The Enchanted.

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