TBWITWW and I went to see The Matrix: Revolutions last night. Our opinion... see it in a second run or discount theater maybe a matinee. Visually it's worth seeing on a big screen, but the story is so-so at best. It's too slow paced (with a few scenes that are exceptions) to be an "action movie" but the philosophy aspects of it are about as deep as a Wal-Mart kiddie pool. There's not subtlety in this one, and they used up all their really nifty effects in the first movie. Even the climactic fight scene between Neo and Smith is kind of disappointing. If you've seen the other two, you'll go see this one, but try to see it at a cheaper price.
On the other hand, it was nice to spend an evening out with my wife. We don't get to do that enough. We like to rate the previews too... so Troy and (of course) LOTR look good, everything else looked bad. So, there you go.

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