How We Met

In 7 days, Nicole and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary. I fell like it's a good time to think back about how we got to where we are now. So here's the story of how we met.

Way back in 1992 (holy crap, that's over 20 years ago) I was involved in Boy Scouts and Theater. Yeah. I was a nerd. Not even the good kind that grows up to write software and make money. I still have never played D&D. Anyway. I was 14, and needed a way to get to and from Cub Scout Day Camp, where I was on staff; and theater rehearsal (I was in a show. Performing.) It turned out there was a girl who was 16, and had a car, who happened to be also on the Cub Scout Day Camp staff, and in the summer theater program. It was a perfect match. For my parents. I was 14. I was still pretty sure girls had cooties. Nicole became my Chauffeur.

Our days went like this:
6:00am Nicole picks me up from my house for the drive to day camp
7:00am Day camp starts
4:00pm Day Camp ends
5:00pm Fast Food Dinner
6:00pm Rehearsal Starts
10:00pm Rehearsal Ends - We go to Denny's
11:00pm Home

How she put up with me and my somehow-even-more-socially-inept friends, I still wonder about.

By the way. I had a mullet at the time

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