Day of Silence

A response to Day of Silence, a Viddler Episode by Chris J Davis.

Obviously, the blog day of silence would have more impact when observed by those who actually post regularly enough that a day of not postiing might be noticed. That said, the whole concept of a "Blog Day of Silence" seems a bit wrong to me. First off, I believe that a "moment of silence" is "non-religious" way of offering a chance for people to pray, as a group for something. Because the vast majority of people seem to think freedom of religion equates to freedom from religion, we've been forced to disguise the fact that for most of us, even if only in times of great loss, we feel there is a time when prayer, meditation, contemplation, or whatever you want to call it, is neccessary. So we have our moment of silence. But, to me, a "Blog Day of Silence" is something else entirely. While a few may spend a few moments in reflection or prayer, most who "participate" will not. They will go a day without posting, they will stick a little graphic on their site, and they'll go about their life as usual, but with a little bit of "Look-what-a-good-person-I-am" feeling. For most of us, we blog about ourselves and our lives. It's an interesting thing to do, but our blogs are about ourselves, and to me, something like this is also, for most people, just about ourselves. I really think the impact of something like this is minimal. It's very preaching-to-the-choir.

If you really want to make a difference, by all means don't post, but rather than bragging about not posting, take the time you'd use to post to write a letter to congress ask for sensible and constitutional gun control laws and better treatment for mental illness. I think that will have much more impact than a lack of posts and a little graphic.

(If you want my opinions on gun control, you'll have to ask, that's a whole other (long) post of its own.)

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