Assault Weapons

From FuzzyTummyRumblings Words: Assault Weapons

Can anybody give me any logical reason why these weapons should be in the hands of anybody other than law enforcement and military?

The only reason that they should not be banned from sale and possession outright, is because if the government has the right to restrict some types of fire-arms, thereby restricting the 2nd amendment, what will stop them from restricting some types of speech? some types of religion?
Oh wait... libel's illegal, so is slander... and the whole "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" seems to have been over-shadowed by the concept of "seperation of church and state" (which isn't even in the constitution.
All weapons owned by private citizens should be restricted to no more than 6 rounds per load and fire 1 round per trigger pull. If you can't hit what you are shooting at in six rounds, you're not going to hit it at all. In fact, I don't really see a good reason that the restriction shouldn't apply to normal service side-arms for law enforcement.

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