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Yesterday was Father's Day. What did you do for your father. If you're like most people (myself included) you put maybe half as much thought and effort into Father's Day as you do for Mother's Day. Did you ever wonder why this is? I have some theories. Yes, Mothers are more important for the first few months of life. and the raising and nurturing responsibilities frequently fall more to the Mother than the Father. Additionally, at least in this country, the courts are more inclined to put children with the mother in cases of seperation.
None of these really apply in my case though.
You see... my father is my hero.
I have other heros, but the standard by which they are measured is my father. And you'd think that it wouldn't be an incredibly difficult standard to live up to, since I have no illusions about the fact that my father is human and not infallable. But that's not true. The flaws he has had, he has worked hard to repair. He thirsts to learn and grow, mentally, and spiritually... all the time.
And he passed that gift to me. Here are just a few of the things that my father taught me, that I think define my character:

There's much I could say about my father, and the list above could go on for weeks. But the best tribute I can pay him is to say... soon I'll be a father. My goal is to be as good a father as he is. If I can acheive this, I think my kids will turn out great.
I love you Dad.

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