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Skippy wrote an article asking why people blog. In it he mentions the uses of Twitter and Facebook in addition to "traditional" blogs. It got me to thinking about why I blog, and in keeping with my usual lack of focus, I think there are several reasons.

I use Twitter as a way to put out little bits of information. Things I find amusing, questions that I'd like (relatively) quick answers to, basically the things I would say to you if you were in the room with me and I had a quick thought. I've also set it up so that Twitter also updates my Facebook status.

Facebook I use because many people I know use it. I rarely put content on Facebook, but I enjoy seeing what people I know are up to. Most of the people I'm aquainted with either don't have the skills or the desire to run full blown blogs, and like the ease of updating Facebook (and similar sites.) Most of the people on Facebook that I have as friends are probably better described as aquaintences. I think there are better ways to sty in touch with those who you are close to, but Facebook allows you to keep in touch with a wider range of people with a lower effort.

Finally, there are the blogs. I have 4 of them, none of which are updated as regularly as I sometimes think they should be. Aiden's site is a place of memory. It doesn't get updated regularly, but it is there when someone needs it. The counterpart of Dean's site is also one of memory. The memories are, in general, much happier, and they are still being created, but there will be a time when those memories are just as important and distant as those of Aiden. Something to Chew On is our food blog. It's a site that both my wife and I work on, and it represents an activity we both enjoy together. Additionally, it allows me to share some of my photography. Finally there is this site, which serves as a platform for me to vent my spleen (as the saying goes). It allows me to say things to a slightly wider audience then just my wife. I enjoy the responses I get and hope that real conversation develops out of it.

So, I blog for a lot of reasons, and almost all of them boil down to bragging, ranting, or otherwise making myself feel like my opinions have some weight in the world. To tie into another of Skippy's posts, if what I have to say doesn't interest you, move on or wait for a conversation that does. Hopefully something I have to say will interest you, or at least spark you to start a conversation with me.

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