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BelieveThe internet is a strange place. Some people have complained that it's de-personalizing, With instant messenger, blogs, IRC, e-mail, e-cards, etc. it's easy to see how there's more breadth to the interaction on-line, with less depth. And in some ways it's true. There are many, many people who I "know" on-line, who I talk to regularly, but really know very little about and consider to be, at most, aquaintences. But then again, outside the internet I tend have very few close friends, so maybe I'm not the best judge.

Chris J Davis proves that depth isn't as hard to come by on the web as some people think. He strikes a fantastic balance between making you feel connected, without being an angsty "pay-attention-to-me" net whore. He writes honestly and interestingly. He's not afraid to express his love for his family and friends, his joy (and his fear) at being a father, his pride and humility in his faith (a tough trick even when you're not trying to filter it through this virtual mess of a net). In general his site inspires me, mentally, artistically, spiritually, and as a friend.

Chris, who I've never met in person, has given me as much encouragement and strength regarding Aiden as many people I see on a regular basis. Even if that were the only way he'd offered friendship, that would be enough to earn my loyalty. But Chis has been a friend in many other ways. I first met Chris as "Jesuit" in the Wordpress IRC channel. He encouraged my attempts at learning code. He was not alone in this, but he stood out. It was his point of view that convinced me that anonymity was a barier on the internet. Although I use a stylized picture, and use "Morydd" as my on-line identity, I use it consistantly and don't attempt to hide Sean T Evans behind that identity. Additionaly, one of his posts was the inspiration for one of the posts on this site that I consider among my best.

I'm greatful to Chris for his friendship, but even if I did not consider him a friend, I would read his site for the information and inspiration it provides. Although, I may have picked an awkward time to highlight his site, as he's currently testing Habari, and from time to time some functions may not be working. It's worth trying again though.

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