Technology is Bad

When you have a Tivo, and that Tivo is connected to the internet, and through that internet connection you can download music videos, and so you have Thriller on your Tivo; and you also hanging out on the internet, chatting on IRC; it can lead to doing silly, silly things.

Like this:

[23:35] <Morydd> OMG Michael Jackson is a Werewolf!
[23:36] <Morydd> he just punched a tree in half
[23:36] <Morydd> whew... it was just a movie.
[23:39] <Morydd> And now my wife is quoting along with Vincent Price.
[23:41] <Morydd> OMG! Now Michael Jackson is a Zombie!
[23:43] <Morydd> Don't go in there!
[23:44] <Morydd> It was all a dream.
[23:44] <Morydd> Or was it?

Don't let this happen to your children. Seriously.

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