Shut Up. I know it.

As my "darling" little brother has pointed out, I haven't posted lately. I've been very busy. So suck it up. All three of you.

As far as why I've been busy... well... since April 1 (my last real post) I've:

Items marked with * were out of state.

So yeah I've been busy. And most of the busyness has been very emotional for me. I'm not one to share my emotion with the world at large. So not a lot of what I go through on that level gets posted, because if I don't share it with you, then it's probably none of your damn business. Nothing personal, but I have a good close network of friends who I share with who I know will provide the support I need. Maybe someday you'll be in that group, and if so, you'll know I'll talk to you directly, rather than through this page.

That said, I do appreciate those people who do read the page, and things should be calming down a bit in my personal life (work is another matter, it's about to go all kinds of stupid) so I hope to have a chance to write more soon. In the mean time, go read the Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. That'll keep you busy.

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