Photo Workflow (Take 1)

So, I've finally gone to an all Linux workflow for photo editing. Here's my (current) process. It'll still need some fine tuning as I've only been using this system for a couple weeks. I'm sure my workflow will either be abandoned entirely or greatly tested in the coming months.
I shoot a Canon 20D, and I'm only shooting RAW now. I figure I can convert to JPG easily on the computer, so for the times I'm just doing snapshots, it's not that much more difficult than having them from the camera. The tools I use are Digikam, RawTherapee, Raw Studio, and The GIMP.

My process is, I connect the camera to the computer, and have it set to open them in Digikam's importer. Usually I set up a folder for each date, unless I'm working on a specific project, then I use the project name. I import all the images and then then go through them using Page Down and ctrl+n to rate them. My system is:

Then I sort by rating. 1s get deleted, 2's get sent to Raw Studio and batch converted to JPG, then the RAW files are deleted. Then I open the 3s in RawTherapee and see if playing with exposure/saturation/contrast/etc. helps them. If yes, I'll up them to a 4, if no, drop them to a 2. 4s get the Raw Therapee treatment. If I'm happy with them as taken I'll convert them to JPG for uploading to flickr, if I think they need more work, I'll convert them to PNG to play with in GIMP. 5's get the same treatment as 4s.

I'm not (yet) using the tagging features and such in Digikam, but I think I will start to soon.

So, that's my work flow for now.

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