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I've been looking around again at photo gallery software. I like Pictorialis II but there are a few problems with it that I'd like to see resolved. Mostly with how it displays the albums, and the amount of control I have over the pictures.
Today I was looking at iPAP and I must say I'm impressed. It looks good, the administration is easy, and it does most of what I want...
Here's the thing. If it were possible to combine iPAP with Pictorialis II I think I'd have what I'm looking for. The layout and control of iPAP (with thumbnai regeneration, sort order, etc) and the album creation of Pictorialis II (bulk upload, auto resize, etc.) I'd be able to do most of what I want with my photo gallery.
That's not to say if I got all of this I wouldn't be hunting again in a few months, but still. I think I'd be closer to that ideal. Will I attempt to code this Frankenstein's Monster of a photo gallery? Not likely... I don't have the skills nor the time to develop them right now and my life only looks to get busier from this point on. But we'll see. Maybe I'll succeed in hacking one or the other to be a little closer to what I want.

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