Photo 365: Week 1

I've decided that not only am I going to attempt to do a 365 photo challenge (one picture each day for a year), I'm going to do 3 of them. Here are the first week's results.

The first series is the simplest (or was): a self-portrait each day.

Today: Jan 1, 2009
Today: Jan 2, 2009
Today: Jan 3, 2009
Today: Jan 4, 2009
Today: Jan 5, 2009
Today: Jan 6, 2009
Today: Jan 7, 2009

For this first week, all I did was take a quick headshot with my phone. Not very exciting. For this week, I'm going to start trying to do some of the mini-challenges from the Flickr 365 Days group. If you want to contribute some suggestions of which ones I should do, there is a spreadsheet of the challenges with a list.

The second challenge I gave myself was to do a picture a day of the blue triceratops I made in the Mold-o-Rama machine at the Field Museum.

Dinosaur 365: Day 2
Dinosaur 365: Day 3
Dinosaur 365: Day 4
Dinosaur 365: Day 5
Dinosaur 365: Day 6
Dinosaur 365: Day 7

You'll notice that day 1 is missing. It seems that it got deleted. I'll do an extra at the end of the year to make up for it. Maybe, if he looked to the right once in a while, he wouldn't be extinct.

Finally, the last is a general photography set. This is, in my mind, the important one. Gradually, it should get more difficult to find subjects I haven't done before, so I'll have to use a more critical eye and be more aware of what there is around me to shoot. As added motivation, in addition to the flickr groups, I've joined Photo365 in working on this project with several other people I know online. Hopefully, they'll keep me on track.

Photo 365: Day 1
Photo 365: Day 2
Photo 365: Day 3
Photo 365: Day 4
Photo 365: Day 5
Photo 365: Day 6
Photo 365: Day 7

I hope you like them, and I'd love any feedback you have.

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