On the Move Again

We're moving... again. Yes, we did this a year ago. Once again, our building was sold, the new owner wants to make money in this neighborhood, which means major renovation, so out we go. At least this time the owners treated us with respect and tried to make things easier on us.

The good news is, we found a place that's nice, a major upgrade in space (we get storage!) as well as a dishwasher, free laundry, a yard, etc. without a major change in rent. Also the building is managed by the owners who live 2 blocks away, and are very, very nice. We're also nearly an hour closer to our best friends, so we'll get to see them more.

Needless to say, I won't be updating much between now and the end of the month, but since I rarely update anyway, you'll probably never know the difference. I realize I just re-designed recently, but I've got some ideas floating around, and after we're settled, you might see some more changes around here. Things to encourage me to update, and hopefully encourage you to look for updates.

By the way... the new place... South Side.

Go Cubs!

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