Naming the beast

So, you have to assign a hostname to a machine. This is, for me, is often the hardest part of the install process. It must fit with the theme for the network. My network uses villains. Locutis (from Locutus which was the name of the Borg that Picard became in Star Trek: TNG), Kahn (The historical one, not the Star Trek one), Claudius (Hamlet's punk-ass uncle), Calvin (From the Alvin Maker series by Orson Scott Card), Salome (asked for the beheading of John the Baptist), and Medea (killed her kids).
So I had to find a good choice. When you need advice on choosing a villain name, where better to ask than on #wordpress on IRC. Blogging software support is definately a good place for that sort of thing. (Much like getting Linux advice from #u2 or #chicago, and cooking suggestions from the Linux Users Group channel) Don't ask me why it works that way, it just does.
And the winning suggestion (from monkinetic by way of skippy_ and with an assist by dougal) is Grendel.

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