My Antonia

My Antonia by Emmylou Harris

I can still hear him. he calls to me only
What once was begotten shall come to no end
But the road is so long and the nights are so lonely
My soul just to hold him in this world again

You are my sorrow, you are my splendor
You are my shelter through storm and through strife
You are the one I will always remember
All of the days of my life

I've set up a new category for lyrics. Sometimes a song just gets to you and you need to share it. To me lyrics are poetry, plain and simple. There's good poetry and bad poetry, and every now and then there's something that grabs you by the heart and speaks to you beyond just the words.

"You are my sorrow, you are my splendor" is one of the best looks at love I've seen in a long time. Love is full of beauty, and pain. This song is haunting in its yearning for what might have been. What do you give up to seek your fortune? What do you treasure? What do you love?

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