Little Lost Kitten

On Tuesday night, our two cats were very upset by a cat outside who was crying and carrying on. We went outside and found a very small kitten on the porch wearing a collar, but no tags. In our backyard we have seen some good sized wildlife (raccoons and the like) and didn't think this was a good place for a lost kitten, so we brought him inside for the night. We put him in the carrier with some food, water and a gladware container of litter.
The next morning we took him to our vet to see if he was microchipped, which he was not (it was at this point that we found out that the kitten was male). So we put up signs around our neighborhood to try to find an owner.
We knew we couldn't keep the kitten, since we already have 2 cats (with a combined weight of nearly 40 pounds) and a baby on the way. We decided we would wait till the weekend, and then take him to a shelter. Unfortunately all of the no-kill shelters are full right now. Lucky for us (and the kitten) someone I've spoken to on IRC several times, and am familiar with from Usenet, sent me a message saying that she wanted to adopt a cat, and had been planning on going to a shelter, but would take this kitten if the owner was not found.
Well, upon introduction, Shelia and the kitten seem to get along well, and, assuming the owner isn't found, I think the kitten will be happy in his new home.
Goodbye little kitten. We hardly knew ye.

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