Katie's Baby

One of my best friends, Katie is having a baby tomorrow. The baby was due Tuesday, so they're inducing. I'm very excited for Katie and her husband Chris and I think they'll be fantastic parents. I'm looking forward to watching this baby grow and learn and do all those things that babies do that are very cute (and absolutely disgusting when anyone over 5 does them). But I have to admit to feeling some trepidation. Memories of Aiden's birth are coming back to me, and it's a little bit hard to sort out the joy that I'm feeling for Katie and Chris, from the scars that I will always carry. On the other hand, I'm ready for a reminder of how magical these tiny little people are.

Best of luck to Katie and Chris and the new little one who will be here soon.

Thomas Donald Pottroff
Born July 23, 2007
7lbs 5oz

Mother and Baby are home and doing well.

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