It's (going to be) A Boy!

We had a Level 2 Ultrasound this morning and everything looks good. A Level 2 Ultrasound is a more detailed examination that looks for specific birth defects, and measures the baby's growth. The sizes seemed within expected range. The only potential concern was that the baby was moving around quite a bit so they weren't able to see the heart quite as well as they would have liked. All four chambers were there, as well as the arteries and veins. The doctor said that it's very much a "we'd like to see this better" rather than a "we're seeing something that concerns us". The baby also made it rather apparent that despite many people's (mine own included) gut feelings, the baby is, in fact, a boy. Woo-hoo! So it'll be all baseball and ponies from here instead of ponies and baseball. (Who doesn't like ponies and baseball.)

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