First Bike Ride

Yeah, it's July 5th and I haven't been on a bike before today. Problem is, my bike died and I haven't replaced it yet. We got TBWITWW a new bike earlier this year, so I swiped it to go get cat food and stop at the library. Only about 4 miles total, but it was a good ride. It's kind of a cruiser, so I find it very hard to get up and stomp on the pedals when I want to go fast out of a light. Oh well, it's good to get the wheels back under me again. I've got to replace that bike soon.
In other cycling news, this was a sad day in the Tour de France. Despite Lance claiming the Yellow again, it was a major heartbreaker to watch Zabriskie go down so close to hanging on to the Yellow for another day. It's inspiring to see someone new have such success. Hopefully, the injuries were minor and he'll be back in the saddle with a vengance tomorrow and keep in the running for the rest of the tour. I'm almost more excited for next year than this one. Lance is great, and I hope he pulls off the seventh, but it will be nice to see another generation competing for the lead of the greatest sporting event in the world.

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