Citibank: Screwing Us Over... Quietly

When I went to check the statement on my wife's student loan through CitiBank for November, I noticed a late fee listed. As we signed up to pay via direct debit for the interest rate deduction, we get no paper statements. I checked my records, and our last payment had been processed for the full amount, on the due date. I asked my wife to call and find out why we were being charged a late fee. The representative told her that it was to correct an error from 2005. There is no explanation on the site, and when my wife asked to speak to a supervisor, the supervisor told her that there were no plans to notify people being charged these fees. My wife had to specifically request that a letter be sent detailing these fees.

Rather than the $175 dollars we usually pay each month, the automatic deduction this month will be $225. We have the funds available to cover this difference, but many people with tight budgets may not. The only option to avoid this jump is to cancel the automatic payment (and lose the interest rate reduction). Of course, this doesn't help if they are going to report you as not paid-in-full or as delinquent to the Credit Bureaus. It seems very shady that they would suddenly up your payment, charge late fees from 2 years ago, and not provide any notification. From what my wife understood from her conversation with the CSR, this is something they've done with loans across the board, including some which may have been listed as paid-in-full.

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