Birthday for Little Brother

Today is the 24th birthday of my little brother. It's a time for me to reflect on the joy he's brought to my life... like the time he kicked me down the stairs, or the time he broke my tooth by head-butting me in the jaw. Ah yes... the memories. Of course there's the time I whacked him in the head with the digger toy at the park. I guess in the end it's about even on that score.
The thing is, somewhere along the way, my idiot little brother turned into my brother. Despite all the crap I give him, he's turned into a functional, useful member of society. He also happens to be smart, determined, passionate, witty, and a damn good writer. Seriously. Buy his first book. He hasn't written it yet, but you might as well send him the $25 now just in anticipation. 10 years ago, I couldn't get away from the little bastard fast enough (but then, 14 year olds have that effect on normal people). Now, I try to convince him to move here.

I believe in my brother. I admire and respect him. I hope he suceeds beyond his dreams. And most of all, I love my brother.

Happy birthday.


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