An Altoids Store?

After reading Chicagoist: A Curiously Odd Pop-Up Store, I felt that I, as an Altoids Addict, was obligated to check out the one-week-only Altoids Store that's here in Chicago. I was, quite frankly, dissapointed. This is really not the fault of the Altoids people. You see, I don't like chocolate, and the "store" (where nothing is for sale) is to promote the new chocolate covered Altoids. It's billed as a sort of anti-valentine's store, and they have several postcards with witty and sarcastic sayings, such as "Please don't tell me anything else about your kids." or "I really enjoy working till 11 so you can leave at 4." There's also a kiosk where you can print up your own cards. They also have free coffee and hot chocolate.
Oh, and the coolest wallpaper ever: Chocolate brown with gold patterns, subtly made up of cherubs being kicked, handcuffs, fish-net stockings, etc. Pretty sweet.

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