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Introduced in the Illinois Senate today, is a bill to amend the Vital Records act:

Amends the Vital Records Act. Provides that when the death of a child occurs within 90 days of that child's live birth, the mother listed on the birth certificate of that child may request the issuance of a copy of a certificate of live birth from the State Registrar. Provides that the request shall comply with specific requirements, shall indicate the requestor's relationship to the child, and shall be made not later than 6 months from the date of the death of the child.

Right now the law states that anyone requesting a birth certificate of a deceased person, that certificate must be stamped prominently with the word "DECEASED". For parents in our position, this means that the only birth certificate we will ever be able to have will have the word DECEASED across it. Sen. John J. Cullerton has introduced a bill to amend the law so that parents can request a birth certificate within the time frame listed, and with identification, which would not be stamped DECEASED.
If you are an Illinois resident, please contact your legislators to let them know you support this bill. Write, call, e-mail, and spread the word. Believe me when I say that the parents of children who have passed away will treasure this birth certificate.
If you are not an Illinois resident, your voice can still be heard, both in Illinois, and in your own state. Protecting against identity theft is very important, but everyone should have one birth certificate that is a reminder of life, rather than death.

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